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Ellie Cahil-Nicholls

The Raisin  |  Short Film (2016)

Director/Writer Rob Carter
Producer Sara Shulman, Tom Holloway
Starring Trevor Allan-Davies, Helen Ryan
Co-Composer Tom Recknell

Veitch101  |  Online Series (2015)

Director Matt Holt
Writer James Veitch
Producer Matt Holt
Starring James Veitch

Not Sophie's Choice  |  Short Film (2015) 

Director Matt Holt
Writer Tom Cottle
Producer Gina Lyons
Starring Catherine Tate, Alex MacQueen, Skye Degruttola

Official Selection, LA Shorts Film Festival (August 2015)
Official Selection, Encounters Film Festival (August 2015)
Official Selection, Raindance Film Festival (September 2015)
Finalist, Crystal Palace International Film Festival (October 2015)
Official Selection, London Short Film Festival (October 2015)
Official Selection, LA Comedy Festival (November 2015)
Official Selection, Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival (April 2016)
Official Selection, Unrestricted View Film Festival (April 2016)
Official Selection, The British Independent Film Festival (April 2016)
Official Selection, Loco Film Festival
Official Selection, Minimalen Short Film Festival

SWAG  |  Short Film (2014)

Director Matt Holt
Writer David Elms
Producer Sara Shulman
Starring David Elms


Soundtrack: Silver Medal, Global Music Awards (March, 2015)

Official Selection, LA Comedy Festival (April 2015)
Official Selection, Cannes Film Festival (May, 2015)
Best Foreign Short, LA Indie Film Festival (September, 2015)

Nomination: Best Actor - David Elms, LA Short Film Festival
Nomination: Best Cinematographer - Simon Elsbury, LA Short Film Festival 

The Fitzwilliam College Graduate Experience  | Commercial (2015)

Director Kip Loades
Writer Masaõ Ashtine
Producer Kip Loades

BBC Love Festivals  |  Commercial 2015

Director Matt Holt
Writer Mark Blakewill, James Harris
Producer Caroline Ward
Starring Liz Bower

10 Questions  |  Short Film (2015)

Director Daniel Audritt
Writer Daniel Audritt
Producer Sara Shulman
Starring Helen Duff, Orry Gibbens

Official Selection, Cannes Film Festival (2015)

Love Interest  |  Short Film (2014)

Director Ma'an Mansour
Writer Anthony Pinnick
Producer Anthony Pinnick
Starring Anthony Pinnick, Amy Barnes, Ivy Corbin